Happy New Year! Happy Old Year!

Happy New Year 2019 to you all! 

   There is a definite good feeling about getting a new year kicked off. So much to look forward to whether it is racing, life, job or that new fad diet and the gym expense you know you will incur.

   For me, I wasn't ready to let go of 2018. It was a great year in the terms of personal goals and gains. Racing R/C I think I had some of the best times and best finishes. I unfortunately lost a fantastic sponsor to the evolution of the industry but looking back I think it was the best way to end. They moving forward with their business model and I continuing to progress in my racing. I will forever hold a special feeling toward Tamiya and their staff. They were my first off road R/C back in 1980 and I was involved with them from 2009 all the way until 2018 which was some huge growth years for their racing programs.

     However, change, evolution and time all march together to the tick of the clock. I am looking forward to 2019 and nervous all the same. I made a radical decision to not re-new any of my sponsor contracts and even opted out of a couple of long term deals in the name of progress. Progress that the industry wants, progress that the industry needs and that is less sponsored drivers. So with that evolution Track Star is going to change things up a bit on how racers are "incentivised" to use Track Star and other products sold by Track Star. There a re few details still to be set in stone so I advise y'all to check back in a week or so to find out.


Stay Tuned!