The "Wright Wing" lives!

  Some of you may recognize our latest release. It's not "brand new" but is new to a vast majority and will finally be available again. The "Wright Wing". Funny as that name may be (especially in these heated times of political B.S.) it was designed by Jimmy Wright and produced roughly 10 years ago. It was a huge hit locally and made its way across the U.S. into other hobby shops besides our own.

   This wing was the first 1/10 wing in our industry to have tapered spill plates to better collect air and force it across the plane and Gurney surfaces. This taper also allowed the inner spill plate to grab side air quicker to help control any side slip. The F1 style spill plate design also lends itself to having a catch base that can be opened up to control flow through between the spill plate and the Gurney/wicker area.

   The wing is molded deep and can be cut down to suit your requirements making it very versatile in all situations from loose dirt to high bite carpet. The Wright Wing has a wide mounting area that will accommodate Kyosho and Schumacher width mounts, will be available in .030 and .040 thickness and come two to a pack and include a square of red scuff pad to prepare the wings surface. Over-spray film will remain on the wings if you so choose to paint them. Retail should be in the $12-13 range.