Welcome to new beginnings.

   Hello and welcome to Track Star R/C!

   Track Star was originally started in 2009 by two friends who have a passion for R/C model cars and wanted to see growth but couldn't stand to see what current shops were doing to their clientele. They would sell them gear they really didn't need and then shoo them away to go be someone else's problem. Those customers would get frustrated and leave the hobby in most cases to never look back. 

    It was this point that we knew we had to do something. The very case it point that started it all was a father and his two pre-teen boys who were sold a nitro truggy and a .28 engine and left to fend for themselves. I saw the sale happen right in front of me and knew that they were going to struggle. I gave the father my phone number to contact me if they were to need any help at all. I did not receive a phone call. However they showed up at the local nitro track that we attended quite frequently and I pointed them out. Yep, they were struggling. We went over and introduced ourselves and got to work sorting through some of their newbie mistakes, got the beast fired up and put a cold break-in on it and at least got them on track. We both forfeited our racing that night to help the three of them enjoy the hobby and get the max out of their investment.

      Afterward at dinner we discussed how good that felt to see the smiles on their faces and the fun that they had as much the enjoyment that we got in helping them. We decided at that point that somehow we would make this work, to help anyone who needed it at the track and somehow make it worth while to keep doing it for FREE. What ended up happening is we decided to help with car set up and driver tutoring. We had business cards made and before we knew it we were taking up to 12 cars/trucks home with us to clean up, fix and set up for the next weeks racing for guys who worked all week and had families to spend time with. They didn't have time to keep their r/c's prepped and dialed in and that's where we started to become a business and making this worthwhile. Soon we started stocking parts, manufacturing parts that we saw would improve what we worked on and even created a line of lubricants of our own too keep things running smoothly.

   During this time we had great success and turned our hobby into a full time job. We became so successful that a Chinese company actually stole our name and logo. After several years of traveling the U.S. racing and promoting things started to become a little slow. A shift in racing led to my friend leaving the company to work for a vendor (with great success I may add) I unfortunately became separated from my wife and saw the writing on the wall which prompted me to shut the website down to avoid the company being split or her taking control of it. I stayed low key until all had passed having to go back to the 9-5 world which ultimately helped me return to resurrect the online shop and bring my products back to the web and into the hands of old clients and new ones alike across the world again.


     Thank you for catching up. I will be blogging as often as I can. Running a hobby business is just as demanding of time and effort as any. If you have questions about our product lines or any products on our site please feel free to contact me by email at trackstarrc@gmail.com


Best regards,

Jimmy Wright