ALPHA PLUS 4 Shoe Clutch System w/ Clutch Spanner

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ALPHA PLUS 4 Shoe Clutch System w/ Clutch Tool


  • Faster set up and maintenance
  • Better durability
  • Long-life usage


It has several patented designs


  • Spring Bush

The spring bush eliminates the space between spring and the pin and will reduce wear of the pin. Whilst keeping the spring in the correct position. It will ensure the smoothness when the 4 shoes engage, and can also avoid sticking of the shoes. This will give greater feel when driving.

  • Heat Sink

Within the shoe is the heat sink material to dissipate heat more efficiently. This will reduce heat for a consistent performance.


  • Spring Tension Adjustment

With our design, the spring tension can be changed with the cover plate between low and high for each different spring type. Additionally, spring tension can be adjusted with the direction of the spring and the placement of the spring on the shoe. Each spring has two different length with the shorter providing the harder tension. Each clutch shoe has to spring placement positions with higher position a harder tension. These provides many different shoe engagement options.

  • Elasticity arrange cover

Our design is not like others only use the property of angle to arrange the elasticity. Besides to use angle, we also use the length of the end spring to make more soft arrangement.


  • 4 shoe material

The 4 shoe material is special aluminium alloy. Through the special treatment, it can let the 4 shoes not easy to occur burrs, and to stock the clutch bell. Furthermore, the usage is 2-3 times then other 4 shoes.


These patented designs enable the engine to have perfect friction coefficient between the clutch bell and clutch which brings powerful, long-life and abrasion resistance when in low speed and when in medium to high speed, only the minimum power losses are experienced, which will help the engine power be fully delivered. 


With the three different spring types; Hard, Medium and Soft, and when additionally tuned with the clutch shoe cover pin options of High and Low, 30 various settings are available to match different track conditions and driving requirements.