Shark R/C Bodies "Scare Crow" NPRC Drag Race Body (Special Order)

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SHARK RC BODIES IS A SMALL ONE MAN SHOP. The Gentleman that owns and runs Shark builds molds, pulls bodies and ships as fast as he can. Due to the nature of his business and the unrivaled popularity of his products you will notice that these are on our site as "SPECIAL ORDER". This means that we may or more than likely, may NOT, have stock. Your order will be processed as soon as stock becomes available in the order that they are received. We will do our best to update you as we get info from Shark.  Thank you. ~Track Star R/C


Shark Race Bodies are made from .040 (1mm) thick Poly Carbonate

The "Scare Crow" body is made for Short Course wheelbase chassis and can be used both at S/C width for NPRC / Slash Drag Racing.

These bodies do come with window masks and have overspray film attached, however they do not come with grill / headlight decals or wings / spoilers.

Grill / Headlight decals are available as are Aggressive rear deck spoilers on our site.