DE Racing Accelerator Tires w/ Wheels Glued (1pr) NPRC

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DE Racing Accelerator Tires w/ Wheels Glued (1pr) NPRC

We start with hole punching the wheels and tires to allow for atmospheric pressure to stay constant inside the tire both under and on top of the insert.

Then we use Acetone and a lint-less towel to thoroughly wipe the tire and wheel beads.

Mounting the DE closed cell insert on the wheel and then mount the tire over it to retain the insert being centered inside of the wheel.

Using the highest quality Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue / Tire Glue) we set the beads on the front and glue them 360* around the bead just under the lip of the wheel using double tire bands to hold the bead tightly and then a quick swipe around the outer edge to seal the deal. We allow this to dry completely and align the bead on the inside of the tire and glue it in the same manor as the outside bead. We let the entire assembly dry for 24 hours in a temperature controlled environment. (Basically in the office)

You get a mounted and glued pair (2) DE Racing Accelerator Tires and Wheels (Choose tire compound and wheels color) 

*** These are glued to order. Turn around time can take up to 48 hours before being shipped. Please keep in mind that our custom / machine shop is closed on Holidays and weekends.