Fantom Racing Charger to Battery Cables – XT60 In- 4/5mm Out

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NEW – Specifically for the X6 iCharger with XT60 charger connector!

  • New – The best available 4mm bullet connectors on the charger end!
  • New – Braided Sleeving added to all critical areas!
  • New – Shrink Tubing added to all stress points
  • Highest quality materials throughout!
  • All of our extension harnesses come with either 4mm male bullet or XT60 connectors on the charger end, also contain your choice of 4/5mm combo bullet, Deans® or Traxxas® connector on the battery end.
  • All of our harnesses come with a female JST XH balance tap plug on the charger end and either a male JST XH or 2mm bullet plug on the battery end.
  • 4mm female output plugs and JST XH balance ports are found on nearly all popular chargers.
  • This Deans® harness works with any brand 2-Cell (2S) LiPo battery pack and charger combo using a Deans® connector and JST XH balance plug (battery end of the harness) and XT60 output port and JST XH balance port (charger end of the harness).
  • Built with high-amp 12awg wire.
  • Built with high-quality gold-plated connectors.
  • 24 inches (61 cm) long.


  1. Plug XT60 connector (charger end of the harness) into the XT60 output port of charger.
  2. Insert female JST XH balance cable into balance port or balance board of charger (see your charger manual for details).
  3. Plug the Deans® connector into your battery.
  4. Insert the JST XH balance plug from your battery into the JST XH balance plug of the harness.
  5. Charge battery as you normally do.

WARNING: Never plug the harness into the battery first.  Doing this can cause a fire, explosion, permanent damage to the battery and/or charger. Serious injury or death and damage to property if the connectors on the charger end are shorted together and/or allowed to touch another conductive surface.  Use with adult supervision only.

WARNING: Pay close attention to the polarity of ALL connections.  Reversing polarity can cause a fire, explosion, permanent damage to the battery and/or charger, serious injury or death and damage to property.  Use with adult supervision only.