Hobbywing XR8 Plus ESC (2-4s LiPo)

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Xerun XR8 Plus ESC

Full-Sensored Mode Supported

The XR8 Pro G2 ESC is designed to work in full-sensored mode at all times
when it is paired with a compatible HOBBYWING motor. For example,
G3 series 1/8th motors.

Battery-Reverse Polarity Protection

The XR8 Pro G2 ESC is designed with Built-in Reverse Voltage Protection
Circuit. The circuit protects the ESC components from reverse polarity
of the battery connections.

Wireless Programming / Upgrading /
Data Logging

With HOBBYWING OTA programmer and a smartphone (with the
HOBBYWING HW Link V2 App installed), the user can program parameters,
upgrade firmware and check relevant data of the ESC.

Real Time Data Logging

With HOBBYWING OTA programmer, connect the HW Link
V2 App to the ESC and open the real-time data logging
function, to check the Throttle, Voltage, Current,
Temperature, RPM and other data in real-time
operational status of the ESC and motor.
Note: Due to the range limit of Bluetooth,
the operational distance is only about 5 meters.

Fire-new Communication Protocol Speeds Up
Parameter Setting and Firmware Upgrading

The ESC adopts fire-new communication protocol which greatly improves the speed of setting parameters and upgrading firmware. The data transmission speed is increased by 2 times when  being paired with the LCD G2 Program Box and 3-4 times faster when paired with the OTA Programmer.

Note: for the previous version of LCD Program Box and WiFi Express Module, the data transmission speed remains the same as before. 

Capacitor Thermal Protection

Capacitor thermal protection is designed and implemented
into the ESC in which will effectively prevent capacitors
from exploding and causing irreversible damage to
the ESC due to overload.

Powerful Internal BEC ever.

The built-in switch mode BEC with a maximum output of 15A and voltage
adjustable from 6V to 8.4V (step: 0.1V) allows the use of various
standard servos and high voltage servos.

Advanced Boost & Turbo Timing Technology

This ESC paired with a compatible HOBBYWING motor can use the Turbo Timing technology which was  designed for the successful XR10 Pro series ESC used in 1/10th On-Road and Off-Road competition.
This ESC can support up to 48 degrees of Boost and Turbo Timing when paired with the new HOBBYWING  4268/4274 G3 motors with an increase of 50% more performance than the previous G2 series motor  keeping you way ahead of the competition.



  • SL BL Motors / SD BL Motors
  • 1/8thOff-Road/On-Road contest


p/n 30113302
ESC type  1/8th Brushless Sensored ESC
Cont./Peak Current 200A/1080A
Input Voltage 2-4S Lipo/6-12 Cell NiMH
BEC Output 6V-8.4V adjustable, 6A
Motor KV rating limit


Output Wires Black-12AWG-200mmx2
Input Connectors No
Cooling Fan size /  Voltage Range 30x30x10mm / 5-8.4V

Programming devices OTA Programmer
LCD program box (G2) recommended
Wifi Module
Programming Port Independent programming port
Firmware update Supported

Size 114g (Including the weight of Rx wire and switch)
Hobbywing XR8 Plus ESC (2-4s LiPo)
Hobbywing XR8 Plus ESC (2-4s LiPo)