Klinik Max Stock Conversion for Cougar KC

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Gear diff conversion will require Schumacher U4177 or U4712 seals


We at Klinik RC set out to develop the ultimate Schumacher Cougar KC drive-train solution for Professional Stock, and Modified KC buggy racers nearly 3 months ago. We recognized an enormous performance potential in simplifying, and lightening, the drivetrain of the KC buggy. Our system has been through many design changes to maximize performance and durability. We believe this is the most significant upgrade you can make to your KC buggy!



1 Lighter Drive-train

2 Less Drive-train Drag

3 More desirable Internal ratio (2.57:1 vs. 2.1:1 oem)

4 Less Noise

5 Simple to work on


Goals met:

1 Lightened drivetrain by up to 44g (Max Stock)!

2 Approx 400% less Internal Drag! (Eliminates all side gears and top pulley)

3 Achieved 2.57:1 internal ratio!

4 Nearly Silent! (No side gears, idlers and top pulley assy)

5 Same easy access belt and diff!


Max Stock


The Max Stock Conversion kit is the ONLY complete kit available that accomplishes all these, hard-core racers goals, of fielding the most capable car possible to win! In fact we may have built the most capable stock racing car on the planet! We now have one of the lightest drive-train's available, Least amount of drag (Eliminates all side gears, idlers and top pulley assy) fastest accelerating drive-train layouts made. We re-geared the internal ratio (2.57:1) to add mechanical leverage to the transmission which increases acceleration, and made possible to run low profile spur gears to keep moment interia of the spur gear as low as possible. This results in a faster accelerating car that has a lower CG. We also turned to Japan belt manufacturers to supply our low friction, lightweight drive belt for spec racing. We worked with Phil at Discount RC Store and RC Shox to develop a 69t slipper lockout kit to go with our new internal ratio. These are the lightest lockouts on the market by far. We also use on our cars, and supply Avid bearings with the kits.


Max Stock Parts Included:

Diff Pulley (Custom Machined in USA)

Front Pulley (Custom Machined in USA)

Low Friction Belt (Made in Japan)

Avid Bearings x2

RC Shox 69t Spur Lockout Assy (Made in USA)




69t Spur 17.5 Stock Gearing Chart:

34 pinion 5.21 fdr

33 pinion 5.37 fdr

32 pinion 5.54 fdr

31 pinion 5.72 fdr

30 pinion 5.91 fdr

29 pinion 6.11 fdr

28 pinion 6.33 fdr



The Max Mod Conversion increases performance and efficiency in exactly the same way. You will re-use your slipper assembly and stock belt for maximum durability in higher power applications. 


Drivetrain efficiency is increased (No side gears, idlers and top pulley assy)

CG is signifigantly lower (No side gears, idlers and top pulley assy)

Internal ratio is optimized for more desirable gearing choices

Noise is greatly reduced dramatically (No side gears, idlers and top pulley assy)

Same easy diff and belt access


Max Mod Parts Include:

New HD Belt

Diff Pulley (Custom Machined in USA)

Front Pulley (Custom Machined in USA)

Avid Bearings x2




This kit is made specifically for Position 4.