Motor Rebuild & Tuning Service

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Motor Tuning Service: Varying services performed to keep your motor in top condition.

  • Re-Shim  We adjust the rotor shims so that the rotor “floats” centered properly within the magnetic field and set to the minimum standard of rotor to sensor board tolerance also making sure that it has the correct end play.
  • Bearing Replacement – Choose between standard and ceramic.
  • Rotor Replacement - 12mm to 13.5mm (most manufacturers)
  • Rotor Strength Test  –  With this test, the rotor’s magnetic field strength is tested on our Fantom Facts Machine v3 rotor tester.  (Includes reshiming) 
  • Stator Resistance Test  – With this test, we evaluate the ohms resistance of your stator. Each coil is tested individually to make sure it meets proper specs and to detect shorts.   
  • Motor Evaluation  – All motors are evaluated using the highly accurate Motolyser brushless motor tester.  This includes checking the rotor asymmetry, as well as the sensor board deviation and timing accuracy. Full visual inspection of stator, sensor board and rotor. 
  • The Works  – Motors are torn down, cleaned, visually inspected, Sensor boards tested, Stator tested, Rotor Strength tested, Bearings cleaned & lubed (or replaced at your request), re-shimmed and re-assembled (Contact for pricing)
  • All Services are priced for labor only. Parts are additional.

*At this time we are only offering services to 540 sized brushless motors.

**Some motors we may not be able to provide services for. Please contact us for this information.