Schumacher K189 ICON F1 kit

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  • Schumacher K189 ICON F1 kit 
  • - Full length carbon fibre chassis for increased cornering predictability and improved rear traction suspension system.
  • - Carefully increased longitudinal stiffness using a combination of topdeck and side brace design.
  • - Unique wing mounting position for optimum wing performance.
  • - Fully adjustable front end (Wheelbase, track width, ride height, toe, camber, caster, damping, bump steer and ackermann).
  • - Unique rear differential design, using our 1/12 design and special hex clamps to achieve simplified diff tension setting. Differential can also be used in Eclipse range of cars!
  • - Super quick and fully adjustable castor using digital caliper or steel rule, and castor chart in the manual.
  • - Damper tube style rear damping for bump riding and cornering performance. Unique, big bore design capable of managing large bumps and much longer lasting damping, using larger capacity of oil.
  • - Hollow and lightweight steel rear diff axle included. U4854 Carbon diff axle can be used for further weight reduction.
  • - Lipo mounting using o-ring fixing with easy loop over design. Catering for wide range of ‘Shortie’ type LiPo shapes and sizes.
  • - Compatible with Core-RC CR721 Solid axle design.
  • - Aluminium servo mounts
  • - Thread inserts make working on the car quick and simple.
  • - Rotationally balanced left rear wheel clamp.
  • - Lightweight independent roll and bump springs with low centre of gravity.
  • - Ultra-low motor position.
  • - Lightweight low centre of gravity CNC alloy rear transmission housings.
  • - Adjustable anti-squat and pro squat, independent of droop setting.
  • - Ultra-balanced rear pod assembly.
  • - 88t 64dp Kimbrough high efficiency spur as standard (options available + industry standard).
  • - Full range of optional springs, front, side and rear.
  • - Fully adjustable body mounting system.
  • - Optimised steering geometry for precise handling.
  • - Chassis balance pivot holes. For use with U3582 pivot set. To optimise left/right weight distribution.
  • - Slotted centre pivot design to prevent binding, with adjustment screw to ensure zero unwanted free movement.
  • - Extra low rear roll centre.
  • - Rear tweak adjustment via side springs.
  • - Adjustable rear ride height using interchangeable inserts with improved fitment (0.25mm increments).
  • - Adjustable front ride height using optional slide in alloy spacers. (0.25mm increments).
  • - Lightweight rear droop adjustment.
  • - High tensile steel hex screws used throughout.
  • - High quality easy to follow instruction manual.
  • - Mon-Tech front and rear wings included in the kit.
  • - Accepts a huge range of industry standard body shells, motors, batteries, servos and speed controllers.
  • - Speed Secret - Mass damper for front and rear.
  • - Speed Secret - -6mm track width camber strap offers huge track width shift with only one new part.
Schumacher K189 ICON F1 kit
Schumacher K189 ICON F1 kit
Schumacher K189 ICON F1 kit