Schumacher K191 LD2SS Stock Spec Buggy Kit (PRE-ORDER)

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  • NEW - Class leading front suspension geometry with durable components and a range of optional alloy parts, offering more adjustments to set up your LD2 for all track conditions.
  • NEW - Front end, enables zero and minus five wheelbase lengths, without the need of an additional chassis.
  • NEW - 2.5mm aluminum chassis, with sensor lead wiring channels.
  • NEW - 90° phased lightweight steel CVD driveshafts.
  • NEW - Easy access battery fitting system with multiple fitting options.
  • NEW - Low drop wing mount.
  • Compact steering system for improved in-line weight placement, with adjustable and dynamic Ackerman.
  • Front 5 deg yokes with adjustable roll center heights.
  • Triple position equipment mounting plate.
  • ‘Gull Wing’ wishbones with anti roll bar option.
  • Durable, lightweight, ball mounted, two piece shock cap with bleed screw.
  • Front camber captive ball joints.
  • 12mm Hex Wheels with industry standard offset.
  • Strong front steering hub, with fine ‘Kwik Klip’ adjustment.
  • Big bore shocks with big bore “CORE” springs. Threaded collars and twin o-ring sealing.
  • Shock seal pack housing with 'O' ring sealing to prevent loosening.
  • Lightweight lower spring retaining cup.
  • Threaded spring collars, for better location and adjustment.
  • Screw Piston Fixing, with titanium nitride shafts, for easy build, precision and durability.
  • Optional rear shock location in front or behind the wishbones, standard in the kit.
  • Front shock tower cover to protect your car and the track.
  • Rear transmission mounted pivot strap. Increased chassis clearance.
  • Adjustable rear roll centers, inboard toe-in and anti-squat.
  • Durable, specially formulated composite "S2" material 4mm shock tower mounts.
  • Cable management system.
  • Specially formulated composite molded side pods for advanced chassis stiffness tuning.
  • Lightweight, twin pad 80t slipper clutch with ultra fine adjustment spring.
  • Easy access transmission system. For quick diff access and maintenance.
  • 23 super precision ball bearings.
  • Spur Gear Shield.
  • 3 gear, low center of gravity sealed gearbox, with CNC machined idler.
  • Small, low rotating mass transmission. Including gear differential. With 3 position height adjustment, to adjust for driveshaft plunge and mixed track conditions
  • Optional ball diff available.

The Cougar LD2 STOCK SPEC has the following differences to the standard MOD car.

• Carbon Filled Transmission Housings.
• Slipper Lockout Assembly.
• Carbon Fiber Chassis.
• Alloy Layshaft.
• Carbon Fiber Motor Plate.
• Ultra Light Bodyshell.
Schumacher K191 LD2SS Stock Spec Buggy Kit (PRE-ORDER)
Schumacher K191 LD2SS Stock Spec Buggy Kit (PRE-ORDER)
Schumacher K191 LD2SS Stock Spec Buggy Kit (PRE-ORDER)
Schumacher K191 LD2SS Stock Spec Buggy Kit (PRE-ORDER)
Schumacher K191 LD2SS Stock Spec Buggy Kit (PRE-ORDER)
Schumacher K191 LD2SS Stock Spec Buggy Kit (PRE-ORDER)