Schumacher U8562 High Grip Track (HGT) Conversion - MI8

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Schumacher U8562 High Grip Track (HGT) Conversion - MI8



Introducing the (High Grip Track) conversion for the Mi8.

The standard Mi8 has proved to be a safe and easy to drive car that generates plenty of grip, and is particularly competitive in lower grip conditions.
The Mi8 high grip track (HGT) conversion features an alternative suspension geometry to free the car up in the corners and create more rotation. It also includes new shock mounts to lower the centre of gravity.
This geometry was used by Michal Orlowski to reach the IFMAR worlds A final last year, and to recently win the ETS race in Daun.
The conversion kit includes a new chassis, top decks, wishbones, shock towers, and required hardware.