10 Years in business!

Happy 10th Birthday to Track Star RC! (The original, USA based company)


  Ten years of anything these days is hard to survive let alone a company in the Hobby / RC Industry. As many of you know our history starting out assisting racers at the tracks here in Southern California with anything they needed from tuning nitro engines, tutoring drivers young and old, soldering, set up advice to you name it! We evolved into a service shop that built, rebuilt and maintained locals' race buggies& trucks, rebuilding and breaking in nitro engines, into having clients from around the world send us their cars to tune and set up to then selling parts to building a website to sell parts and staying active with consulting with manufacturers and ultimately producing our own products. We endured a Chinese company stealing our name and logo and having to move the shop 5 times!

    We now reside on the internet only and still sell products world wide. Our product lines have grown and continue to grow with some exciting announcements coming very soon. Thank you to all of our loyal customers who support our store and use our products!

Cheers to another many years of serving the R/C Industry.


~Jimmy Wright