Track Star "Typhoon" SCT Conversion Kit - Schumacher Storm / ST2

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Track Star "Typhoon" V2 SCT conversion chassis for Schumacher Storm & Storm ST2 (Choose which truck you will be converting)

After 2 years of testing and 4 years total development we have produced the most versatile Short Course Truck chassis in the industry with the Track Star R/C "Typhoon".  This chassis conversion kit takes the already successful Schumacher Storm Stadium Truck and converts it to a Short Course Truck proven capable to win on all track surfaces from outdoor loose dirt, indoor clay to carpet and AstroTurf. Now the V2 chassis takes this further with adaptation of the LD2 / ST2 front bulkhead, the steering geometry now has more tuning adjustability!

   This kit comes with our matte black twill weave carbon fiber chassis in 3.5mm, two side rails also in our matte black twill weave 3.5mm carbon as well as two G10 FRP 1/8" side rails to tune and adjust the flex and drivability to the surface you're racing on. This kit also includes hardware to stack the side rails together for more tuning options. 

 ***This conversion uses the Associated SC5/6 bumpers and body mounts. (AE part #'s 71123, 71124 & 71125)

The Typhoon kit now comes with 3D printed mount blocks to adapt the AE bumpers to the towers. The front AE body mount need to be slotted across the holes where the shocks mount to match the Schumacher tower. We recommend using a 3mm washer behind the ball stud.
Use your current suspension and geometry set up on your Storm to start with. Then you can tweak the set up to match what you prefer.
Wheels: The Typhoon will require TLR front and AE Rear to keep the truck legal width. However, you can simply purchase the front axles & hexes for a Schumacher buggy (ST2 = U8429 Hexes U8607Axles) and use the same AE wheels front and rear. (This is the option we prefer)
Track Star "Typhoon" SCT Conversion Kit - Schumacher Storm / ST2
Track Star "Typhoon" SCT Conversion Kit - Schumacher Storm / ST2