AUGUST NEWS (So much to announce!)

Hello from Track Star R/C!!

In just the last 60 days we have added so many new products to our site! Lets try and cover as much as I can in a reasonably smedium-ish size blog!

August Specials:

When you order an AVID Bearing kit make sure to add a Track Star TS-1+ Bearing oil as it is free with your purchase of any AVID Bearing Kit!

When you order 2 sets of Sweep TC Tires make sure to add the Dream Clean as it is also free when you purchase any 2 sets of Sweep Touring car tires.

Free Shipping on all Schumacher Kits. You will need to apply the code: EuroChamps to activate the free shipping.

DE Racing Products are all 20% off (Automatic discount when added to the cart)

AND!!...... each purchase through the month of August will put your name in the draw for either a Tamiya BBX buggy or TT02-SRX kit (Your choice if your name is drawn) The drawing will be held September 3rd, Track Star's anniversary date!


In other exciting news:

We have added the Tamiya TT02-Type SRX with a full line of parts and the BBX buggy kit with parts as well as Hop-Ups to follow this month.

Kyosho: The new MP10-TKi3 Nitro buggy and related parts are in stock.

Sweep Tires: More variety of Touring car tires and wheels including RIDE and     Exotek tires for USGT/FWD & F1 respectively.

Schumacher: HGT kit for the Mi8 as well as over 200+ SKUs all across the line.

AVID Products: More loose bearings and kits, 100k+ Diff fluids, Servo Tape and a full line of pinion gears as well as CORE pinion gears and AXON Spur gears.

Zoo Racing Bodies have increased in stocked amounts and we will have a good amount of Mon-Tech F1 and Touring bodies and products to be added this month.

Track Star R/C: We will have a couple new product announcements this month and we have our very popular Typhoon SCT chassis kits being manufactured. 

We have a lot more coming so check back often!


Stay Tuned!


P.S. As always if you have questions about any of the products we stock please feel free to contact us at: