HOT RACE coming to Track Star!

10/11/2021 Track Star HQ

        You read that right! Hot Race Tires (Tyres?) coming to Track Star R/C in mere days from this writing.

    Over these many decades of r/c car racing I have been tied to several different tire manufacturers in several different roles from sales to manufacturing not to mention several thousands of hours with hands on testing and testing and more testing (which means I have cut and glued more tires than I can remember) and through all of this, I am proud at what I have accomplished even having the privilege of naming a few of these tires. 

    I was introduced to 1/8 nitro buggy racing in the mid-late 1980's. I didn't do much with it as I was in the thick of the Southern California electric off road scene at that time. Fast forward to 2004 when I got myself into nitro off-road racing with a "gas truck" and eventually into a 1/8th buggy shortly there after. At that time Proline was THE tire to run. Anyone remember Crime Fighters? or Cell Blocks? Back in the day if you weren't on Crime Fighters you were probably in the bottom of the B. Fast forward a short couple of years and new tire emerged..... the Bow Tie which in the capable hands of Mark Pavidis (the tires designer) won the 2006 IFMAR World Championships in Jakarta Indonesia. Another fast forward to 2008 and a new tire company comes to fruition and starts to produce our industry's best tires in several compounds and even more winning tread patterns. Two more years pass and in 2010 this company wins the IFMAR World Championships with driver Cody King in Pattaya, Thailand.  Their tire designer.....  Mark Pavidis.

       With another fast forward to present day, Italian tire manufacturer Hot Race has been tearing it up in the 1/8 scale scene. Hot Race tires' owner Nicola Marrone has teamed up with Mark Pavidis (there's that name again!) to create yet again, another world championship winning tire brand. Hot Race team drivers Cole Ogden, Ty Tessman and TJ Bradley have been setting TQ and / or winning some of the major events of 2021 including this years ROAR Nationals.

   Track Star R/C is proud to become a dealer for these fantastic tires! Look for our blogs and vlogs on Facebook and Instagram as we journey back into the 1/8 scale off road market with Hot Race tires!


Stay Tuned!



P.S. Our Hot Race tire section on the website is live!