March Race Report: 5 Weekends = 13 Podiums

March 2021 Race Report:

Our March race report actually starts at the end of February on the weekend of the 27-28th. This weekend would be a double header in that we would run on the medium grip clay of SDRC in San Diego California. This event was Round 3 of their SuperCross Series which I would qualify P2 and finish P1 in 13.5 2wd. Moving on to Sunday we would travel 180 miles South East to Ricochet Raceway in El Centro California for the opening round of the Battle on Carpet Series between their facility and Rise Up in Palm Desert. For this event I would Qualify P2 in 2w Mod and P2 in 4w Mod taking home 2nd in 2w and 3rd in 4w.


   March 7th would find us a little closer to home in Hemet California at the BWS Carpet event where I would run three classes, 2w Mod, 4w Mod and Stadium Truck 13.5. Here I would qualify TQ in 2w, P2 in 4w and P2 in ST. after the mains were finished and the carpet fuzz settled I ended up P1 in 4w Mod, P2 in 2w Mod and P3 in ST after breaking the truck on the 2nd to last lap.

  March 13th found us back at SDRC for the 4th round of the SuperCross Series. Here running 13.5 on the medium bite clay I was trying out various tire manufacturers slicks and settled on a brand new set allowing me to TQ. Watching the track surface coming up to a higher bite I decided to go to a worn set that only had a few runs on them. This turned out to be a bad choice as on the second lap the front tires completely lost traction and within two more laps the rears lost traction..... Not exactly knowing what happened I continued on to finish 4th. (Note: When the tires were put back into their bags I notice this particular set was a test set where I used that "Biodegradable" sauce.... I urge your sanity to not use this stuff


   March 19th-21st saw us (my wife Carna and I) headed to Las Vegas for the opening round of the JConcepts NCTS at 702 Raceway. Here I decided to punish myself and run four different classes with four completely different cars / trucks, 40+ 2wd Mod, 4wd Mod, 13.5 Stadium Truck and for the very first time on carpet our 13.5 Short Course Truck! (We here at Track Star Innovations are producing a kit to convert your Storm ST to a Storm SCT) Kits should be announced for Pre-Sale in May. 

    Day one saw many laps on our equipment which kept Carna with wrenches in her hands and managing batteries for several hours. Our Storm ST was money right from the get go. I literally didn't change a thing from the time it first hit the carpet. My Cougar Laydown was 85% right off the go, Carna made a rear shock change and later in the day we tested our new front shock tower which we stayed with. The CAT L1 Evo was out to lunch! The worst I think its been since the first time I drove one 3 years ago. This buggy was changed every time I drove it. Trying to drive what some of the newer set ups showed to be fast just wasn't for me. We slowly changed things back to my very first carpet set up minus the new front drive shafts. The Storm SCT was also very very good for its first time racing carpet. Carna built and set up this entire truck (Utilizing the chassis from our Schumacher Drag Race car) It would take the keen eye of Sammy Moran and some advice from Gil Jr. to make it the 100% awesome truck is was in the main For this event I qualified P2 in ST, P3 in 40+ 2w Mod, P18 in 4w Mod and P2 in SCT. The results came to be P4 in ST, P3 in 40+, P15 in 4w Mod and P2 in SCT after a great last lap battle.

   The next weekend on the 27th we ventured back to the dirt at SDRC for the SuperCross Finals where I would TQ (learning from my tire mistakes from the previous round) Going into the main I felt good that I could pull away. It wasn't to be when P2 wing tackled me into the first corner and I was relegated to last. I drove well putting down some very angry but fast lap times. However this never ends well and I crashed several times. I would finish 4th and 3rd for the series.


  Sunday the 28th found us in Palm Desert California roughly 95 miles from home and running the second round of the Battle on Carpet Series. Here I would bring my usual 2w Mod and 4w Mod Schumachers. A few racers were reminiscing with me about my last lap battle in SCT at NCTS and wanted to see me run the "Infamous Storm SCT" so I obliged them and entered SCT as well. Here I would TQ 2w Mod and take P1 in the main. Qualify P2 and finish P2 in 4w Mod and TQ by nearly 10 seconds in SCT but would have lapped traffic woes that relegated me to 3rd. 

   However in retrospect and discussing things with my wife on our near two and a half hour trip in traffic on the way home. She is going to make a few changes to the SCT and I am going to work on my patience with traffic. (Both on and off the race track) :D


Stay Tuned!



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