Schumacher Mi9 upgrade recommendations from Michal Orlowski

Some nice information from Michal Orlowski on his recommended Option Parts for the Mi9.
"Highly recommended:
U8729 x2
U8780, U8779, U8781 ( only for carpet racing ) x1
U8570 x1
U7816 x1
U8335 x1 ( when using shorty battery )
U8730 x2 ( for asphalt racing )
U7866 x1
U8753 x1
Bling bling:
U8323 x1
U7839 x1
U8768 x1
U8776 x2
U8777 x2
U7829 x3
U7828 x1
Ti Mi9 screw set
U8772 x1
AX034 x1
For the ultra pros:
U8800 x1
U8770 x1