Sportsman Maroney Classes Up!

This past weekend was the season ending race for the JBRL Winter series at OCRC raceway in Huntington Beach California where Track Star driver Matt Maroney drove hard and consistent to take TQ and Win in 17.5 2w Buggy Sportsman Division. You may ask yourself why does Track Star "sponsor" a Sportsman driver? To answer that simply; It's what we do. 

Matt was introduced to us by another racer that we have helped for the past several years and he saw something in Matt that we would be able help him also achieve his goals in R/C racing. Matt comes from Motocross and after hurting himself for the last time he knew he needed to step away from the Moto and do something safer yet was able to scratch that racing itch. This was a mere 6 months ago that he first laid his hands on a R/C transmitter! Congratulations Matt! We are looking very forward to your new division change to Expert for the remainder of 2018 and will be working with you in your endevours to run in the modified classes soon!