Track Star 2024 Racing Season

                           The 2024 race season has kicked off!

     We are already into the full swing of 1/8 off road and now just a little more than a month into the 1/10 on & off road season we couldn't be more excited! We've added over 150 sku's to our line up from six different manufactures including constant additions to our own line of products of which our line of titanium continues to grow in popularity. 

    Speaking of popularity, the Schumacher brand has exploded! We have seen kit sales like no other time before! The Schumacher buggies (LD3 & L1R) have lead the way and we expect the same once the new touring car chassis (Mi9?) hits the shelves within the next few months.

   Our race team growth continues as we have added a couple of racers to our team from the Bakersfield California area. Ian Ortiz and Steve Godwin have come aboard to race their Schumacher buggies not only locally but regionally as well. Ian started his season at the Proline Shootout by winning the hotly contested 17.5 2wd Expert class and finishing 3rd in 2wd Modified with his Schumacher LD3. then on to round one of the JBRL Series at SDRC in San Diego to finish 3rd in 17.5 2w Expert, Mike Sorchy 5th & Steve Godwin 7th (literally 24 hours after finishing his buggy build!).  Jeremy Hase Jr. would lead the team to victory in the 2wd Short Course class and also bring home 3rd in 4wd Expert Buggy.