Track Star Anniversary: A passion driven 15 years in business!

Wow! 15 years in business! How time flies!

    First and foremost Carna and I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support of our small business! Without the clientele that trust us to support your passion as this hobby has fueled ours, we wouldn't have survived.

   In the last few years we have grown near triple in product SKUs through various new vendors and product companies. Projects of our own such as our newly released TS-Orange tire traction compound to the Typhoon project (V2 coming soon), working with LEGO Masters to the newest ProMoto-MX clothing products with Canvas and our continued progress behind the scenes with product manufactures in developing their products. To say we keep busy is an understatement!

    Passion is the driving force. Love of competition both on the track and in the office keeps us driven. Making new friends and helping others enjoy this hobby like I have since 1976 truly makes it worth the long hours.