Track Star's commitment to Schumacher

      During the month of April 2018 our co-founder and current owner of Track Star R/C made the switch from his 10-year relationship with Tamiya USA to Schumacher after Tamiya had announced their discontinuing of their off-road race program. Since then Jimmy has found as much success with the Schumacher off-road buggies as he did with Tamiya. In fact, he finished out the 2018 JBRL Series by winning the championship in 13.5 4WD with the Schumacher Cat L1. Believing in the Schumacher brand Jimmy gave up his sponsorship(s) and brought the Schumacher buggies, parts and accessories to Track Star R/C.

       Having a full year under our belt learning the Schumacher product and tuning the buggies on everything from carpet, to high bite clay, to low bite outdoor loose dirt tracks and with Schumacher’s commitment to race only cars and their clientele, we here at Track Star have been and will be stocking more of the Schumacher Speed Secrets parts as well as Trish Bits, Klinik, Inertia, Aerox, Penguin, AVID and more specific to Schumacher products, including products that we are in development for the current Cat and Cougar buggies. We of course will also be stocking other awesome products that can be used with other brands such as AKA Tires, Fantom motors batteries and ESCs, LRP motors, batteries and ESCs, AVID bearing kits, KO Propo radios and servos, PTRC fluids, RL Power products and our ever growing line of Track Star R/C race proven products.

      We are looking forward to a fantastic race year in 2020 and we’ll see you at the races!