UPDATE! 2024 P.A.I.D. Program information!

PAID Program 2024


  • Must be Track Star Customer prior to the race. (car kits don’t have to be purchased from us)
  • Eligible cars: Schumacher, LD3, L1R, Mi8/9, FT8, Eclipse5, ICON2, Storm ST2 & Typhoon V1 & V2
  • Eligible products: Track Star TS-Gold, TS-Orange, Dream Clean & Track Star Ti Turnbuckle kit(s)
  • Rookie and Novice classes are NOT eligible for podium money.


  • Eligible OFF ROAD races:
  • 2024 JBRL Electric off road 6 race series.
  • 2024 Coyote Hobbies Triple Crown series
  • 2024 Rainman Hobbies Shootout
  • 2024 Golden State Camarillo
  • 2024 SDRC SX Series
  • 2024 SDRC Point Break
  • 2024 SDRC Top Gun
  • 2024 Hobby Action Desert Classic
  • 2024 Hobby Action BK Memorial
  • More to be added


  • Eligible ON ROAD races:
  • 2024 Finish Line Raceway Awesomatix race
  • 2024 Finish Line Raceway 1UP TC Challenge
  • 2024 TLF Series #1 & #2
  • UF1 Series
  • BFTR Camarillo
  • More to be added


The rules are simple; Race your Schumacher cars or trucks at the above eligible event(s). Make the podium in the A-main (1st-2nd-3rd). Send in a picture of you on the race podium with your Schumacher car/ truck and get paid. 1st = $50, 2nd = $25, 3rd = $10 (Double that for end of series podiums. 1st = $100, 2nd = $50, 3rd = $20) Show your support for Track Star on the podium by showing your Dream Clean or TS-Gold or TS-Orange products in your podium picture and receive the same amount as your podium money in rewards points in your account ($50 win = 50 rewards points) at www.trackstarrc.net.

Forward your podium picture to us at trackstarrc@gmail.com with the comment line “Pay Up Sucka!”

In that email we need your full name and address information, the picture of you on the podium with your Schumacher car / truck, the event name and date and your PayPal / Venmo / Zelle information. By submitting this information to us you are consenting Track Star Hobbies LLC (DBA: Track Star R/C) to use your name, face a likeness in all advertisements in print or digital media, related to the P.A.I.D. program.