Hobbywing XERUN G4R Motor (Choose Spec)

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  • Excellent performance, specially designed for 1/10 STOCK racing. Designed to pair with HOBBYWING XR10 Stock Spec G2 ESC
  • The innovative outer diameter structure of fully exposed stator core maximizes the heat dissipation area and the rear end of the motor is a big opening structure to further improve the heat dissipation effect.
  • Dual sensor interface design to meet various wiring/layout requirements.
  • The special copper bar is customized and the spacing of copper bar is widened, which greatly facilitates the operation of soldering wire.
  • The built-in high precision Hall sensor combined with the high precision and balanced rotor guarantee outstanding linearity of the motor.
  • The use of high-performance stator core, 220°C high-temperature-resistant enameled wire, high precision and high strength bearings, and copper solder tabs with super current endurance guarantees outstanding


Notes: The KV value is determined with no load on the motor, with the motor's timing set to default and the ESC timing set to Zero. To ensure optimal performance, it is important to prevent the motor from overheating. If the motor does become too hot, allow it to cool down before using it again.

Recommended FDR (Final Drive Ratio)

The FDR (Final Drive Ratio) is the ratio between the angular velocities of the pinion gear and the tyres. In simple terms, the number of laps the motor will rotate when the tyres spin one lap.
Different conditions like track type, grip, tyres, temperature, vehicle weight, gearing mode, driving mode influence the performance of your vehicle and have different requirements on the power system, therefore one FDR can not be applicable for all conditions.
All the values in the table are initial FDRs recommended for the motors in Blinky mode. Please starts testing with the recommended values, and determine the final value as per the test results. If no recommended FDR is applicable to your vehicle, please start with a big FDR and then adjust gradually as per the demand.

Hobbywing XERUN G4R Motor (Choose Spec)
Hobbywing XERUN G4R Motor (Choose Spec)
Hobbywing XERUN G4R Motor (Choose Spec)