JConcepts 8131 RM2 2.2" Hard Rear Insert, Fits 2.2" - (1pr)

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JConcepts 8131 RM2 2.2" Hard Rear Insert, Fits 2.2" - (1pr)

RM2 2.2" Hard 2wd / 4wd Rear Insert, Fits 2.2" 2wd or 4wd Rear Tires / Wheels

JConcepts has upped the ante with the release of the RM2 hard density closed cell inserts. Black in color, these inserts are designed in conjunction with insert gurus Ryan Maifield, Spencer Rivkin, Jason Ruona, and Paul Wynn to bring a firmer feel while providing durability. The inside of the insert has horizontal channels cut in a 360 pattern to soak up the large impacts and help create forward bite and increase acceleration.

The JConcepts design, with custom sculpted features, are blended into the high density material, providing racers a durable option capable of being used in treaded or slick off-road tires in extremely high-traction conditions.



  • Firm density material and construction
  • Versatile size, shape, and profile, fits vast majority of tires
  • Precise contoured manufacturing
  • Durable material, can be reused
  • Black in color for easy identification
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