RL Power Discharge Resistor Bank

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The RLPower 40 Amp Discharge Resistor Bank is the perfect addition to your iCharger 4010/308/406/X6.

Silver Edition!

This discharge bank will discharge at:

  • On an iCharger 4010 or 406 this will discharge at:
  • 1S - 40A
  • 2S - 40A
  • On an iCharger 308 this will discharge at:
  • 1S - 30A 
  • 2S - 30A
  • On an iCharger X6 this will discharge at: 2S - 30A ONLY

Equipped with 12 gauge wire, approximately 12 inches in length with a black outer wire jacket.

4mm bullet plugs are a direct fit to iCharger 4010/308/406.