Schumacher U8180 GEAR DIFF SET (STEEL AXLE) - ICON/2

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Schumacher U8180 GEAR DIFF SET (STEEL AXLE) - ICON/2


Designed and developed by our engineering and race team, this gear differential offers several great improvements over the ball differential design.

- Consistent and easy setting with less frequent maintenance, with very little change from race to race.

- Improved handling ability with more stable cornering entry, and improved mid and particularly exit rotation.

- Fully ball raced for high precision, performance and lower maintenance.

- Steel axle for strength and reliability.

- 60T 48dp spur included.

- The oil viscosity can be adjusted, to offer greater tunability than the ball differential.
(700cSt-2000cSt) suited to low grip conditions.
(2000cSt-5000cSt) suited to medium grip conditions.
(5000cSt-15000cSt) suited to high grip conditions.

- The (removed kit) ball differential may still be used when the track grip is low, but in other conditions this gear differential should always offer more potential.

Ball Diff – Easiest to drive – best for low grip tracks.
Gear Diff – Moderate to drive – best for all round conditions with tunability with the correct oil.

U8353 Optional carbon axle available for ultimate performance, 8g lighter.