Tamiya 53909 RC LED LIGHT UNIT (TLU-01) - BBX

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Tamiya 53909 RC LED LIGHT UNIT (TLU-01) - BBX

Realistic Light Actions!
The Tamiya LED Light Unit enables realistic light actions to depict always-on head and tail lights on your R/C car body. The unit is equipped with a booster to reproduce the high brightness of LEDs. The benefits of the booster can be especially seen in white LEDs which have a realistic blue tint similar to HID lights on actual cars.

Set Includes 2 Pairs of LEDs (4 lights)
The set includes a light unit, branch power cables, bundling clips, and 2 pairs of LEDs (two 5mm white and red LEDs). The Unit is equipped with 8 connecting ports which allows up to 8 pairs of separately available LEDs (total 16 lights) to be connected.

• Length: 1.59" (40mm)
• Width: 1.70" (43mm)
• Height: .85" (21mm)

Tamiya LED Light Control Unit (TLU-02)
Item No:53937
By connecting to Tamiya LED Light Unit (TLU-01), this unit enables precise control of a variety of realistic LED light actions such as lighting brake lights which is combined with the transmitter inputs, reverse lamp, turn signals, hazard lamps, and controllable passing lights.

Tamiya 53909 RC LED LIGHT UNIT (TLU-01) - BBX
Tamiya 53909 RC LED LIGHT UNIT (TLU-01) - BBX