Track Star / AVID Ceramic Bearing Kit - Tamiya TT02-SRX (16pc)

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Track Star / AVID TT02 SRX Ceramic Bearing Kit (16pc)

The Aura Ceramic Bearing is part of our new pinnacle bearing line developed for racers seeking the highest level of performance. We took what we learned from our rear ceramic engine bearings and shrank that technology down to offer the most advanced bearings for your RC vehicle. 

Considering the diversity of our loyal customers, spending more is not always the way to go. The Aura line is not designed for the warriors that race several times a week and don't have time to go through their car to provide the proper maintenance needed to keep the Aura in a good state. We recommend that you stick with our greased Revolution bearing line which has established a prowess all of its own by being a 9-time IFMAR World Champion winning product.


  • Advanced bearing technology developed from our ceramic rear engine bearing line.
  • Si3N4 ceramic balls for increased achievable RPM, lightweight, and smoother than traditional steel balls.
  • High-speed nylon ball retainer for less drag, better strength, and less heat expansion over steel *.
  • Deep groove chrome steel 52100 rings with a premium surface finish.
  • High speed light oil lubricated.